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Stock photography market is a new and innovative way of making a living for yourself. If you got what it takes to be a photographer, you need to differentiate bad websites from the good ones in order to earn as much as you can from them.

What this article will bring to you is information on the good and bad sides of some of the leading websites in the stock photography market. Every day people, such as yourself, enjoy the fruits of their labor while doing the one thing they love.

Most of them recommend Photography Jobs for people who want to enjoy their hobby and make enough money off it. That was enabled to them through these web pages.


The pioneer in the stock photography world, Shutterstock has been there since early 2000s. The total amount of content on this website exceeds 80 million. It’s a site which demands exclusivity, but don’t let that fool you, because there is around 50 thousand fresh new photos posted every day.

The main thing you’ll notice about this web page is its advanced search engine and user friendly interface. For the rookie photographers there are several tutorials on how to attach the keywords to your photos.

Also, the option Critique Forum connects you to the other contributors with whom you can discuss and criticize other people’s content or your own photos and help them on improving their quality. One of the downsides of this website is the percentage of your cut which will rise up to 30% depending on the image size.


Owned by the developer of several successful software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, the Adobe’s Fotolia has been around for over 10 years. It has cemented itself as a top 3 stock photography agency at it offers well over 19 million images.

It has over 2.5 million contributors and they are known to accept professionals as well as amateurs under their wing which is something not done by other agencies. They offer royalties between 20% and 46%.

Your earnings are deposited immediately after the sale, unlike the other web pages where you have to wait at least 30 days or your balance needs to reach a certain threshold. The Fotolia has been integrated in the software mentioned at the beginning which allows people to buy easily while using those applications.


This website offers you full controls over your clients and you can manage them in any way you agree upon. You also have the ability to post your photos on social media and other sites because it doesn’t demand exclusivity. One thing you will notice about this website is that the contributors are mainly experienced photographers trying to move up in the world of stock photography.

Layout of your webpage can be designed anyway you desire which allows you to have complete control over the way your content is being displayed. It’s a workplace for over 80 thousand photographers and it’s earned a spot among the stock photography market leaders.

One thing that makes people hesitant about signing up for this webpage is the requirement to input your credit card details. This site offers a 14-day free trial after which you are required to pay to use its services.


Home to almost 60 million of photos and videos, Alamy rightfully holds its place among the top of stock photography websites. Its market is consisted of both professional and amateur photographers which have earned for over $165 million based upon 2016 reports.

The website has a good review mainly because you earn 50% from the sale of your photo which is currently the highest among the stock photography agencies. Their customer service, highly praised among their users, is available at any given time during the day.

Using social media, business card and mainly their homepage they promote your work making it available to a wide area of customers. Unlike most of other agencies they are a non-exclusive website and they allow you to post your content on other similar websites.


The choice is up to you. Whether you are willing to take a smaller cut for a better service or not will determine which website fits you best. You really can’t do wrong with any one of them, because the numbers speak for themselves.

However, websites such as Photography Jobs are adjusted to the little man since they are always on your side. They offer full professionalism to their contributors and they are willing to invest in you.

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