How Photographers Make Money

Photography is an exciting career choice as you get to earn money from doing your favorite hobby. If you are considering getting started in this field, then you are definitely wondering how photographers make money. Here are a few simple ways you can make money using your creativity and photography skills:

Wedding Photographer

A profitable venture for any good photographer is taking photos of wedding events. If you are a sociable person and know plenty of young people looking to get married, then you potentially have a huge client base. Additionally, the cost to entry is relatively low and the earnings are also quite reasonable.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of pressure that comes with taking up a job as a wedding photographer. It is your responsibility to ensure that the bride and groom get pictures that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. This means that there is no room for making any mistakes and the editing work that comes after taking the photos is also quite extensive. Here are some recommendations for those considering wedding photography:

  • Never do the job for free – As mentioned above, wedding photography requires lots of work and time. The photographs also have a great value since they will essentially be freezing that special wedding day. So, ensure you are getting paid for your efforts by agreeing on a reasonable price first.
  • Get a mentor – You will likely want to produce the best photos and if you have never done wedding photography, then you are not really prepared. This particular photography has plenty of unique challenges and a great strategy of learning these different things is through doing. Find a good professional photographer and shadow him or her at a few weddings to see how it’s done.
  • Rent your photography gear – Chances are if you are just getting started in photography then you will not have the best gear. Rather than investing thousands to buy new gear, consider renting first and then slowly building up your gear.
  • Communicate regularly – Always stay in constant communication with your clients to find out their expectations and what they want in their wedding album. If you have a better relationship, then you will definitely have better photographs.

These are some of the main ways you can get your wedding photography career started. However, if you are not fond of weddings, then read on and discover other ways to make money. Remember you can always get paid for taking photos of things that interest you, ranging from animals and documentary to fashion and fine art by going to

Real Estate Photography

The economy is slowly recovering, especially the infamous housing market, and as this happens there is a valid opportunity for photographers to earn some money. The job here includes taking exterior and interior photos of houses for realtors to use when marketing and selling the house. You can find a wide selection of real estate photography jobs from various clients on

The best thing about this kind of photography is that it does not really need lots of gear. A good DSLR, a tripod and wide angle lens are sufficient for most real estate photographs. Some clients can even give you a commission on the sale of the house if your photographs are very beneficial in helping them close deals quickly.

Stock Photography

One of the main ways through which photographers make money is through stock photography. Basically, you submit your photos online through a genuine site like and then get paid once your photos get downloaded. You get to submit any kind of photo you have based on a wide critera ranging from health and fitness to technology and religion among many others.

The key to remember when submitting your photographs is to deliver photos that people are searching for or could be interested in. For instance, most clients are normally looking for photos that will assist them in selling a service or products. So, you must consider the marketability of your photos when you head out and start taking photographs.

Fine Art Photography

Among the interesting categories of photography jobs available at is fine art photography. Generally, in fine art photography the artist delivers a specific message or idea through their creative photos. These photos usually use a unique technique or medium through which the artist communicates with the audience.

If you want to take on fine art photography then you must know that quality is essential. Additionally, the more creative and unique you are in your photos will help you sell more photos. Your photos should set you apart from other photographers thanks to your unique style.

Get your ideas together first before heading out and start taking photos. Ask yourself what issues you feel very passionate about and the kind of messages you are looking to convey. It may not make a lot of sense when you brainstorm and write down all your ideas, but you will slowly find the best topic by working through your ideas.

While fine art seems challenging, remember that you do not always have to deal with heavy topics, such as really political ones. For instance, you could tackle an issue like consumerism and how it is slowly converting homes into huge garbage bins. The photos you could take in this case would have to do with the impact of consumerism on nature and what is happening to all the products that people keep buying.


To have a fruitful photography career, the photos must be about things you are passionate about. Once you identify your subject, vision and a good technique of taking photos, then you are on your way to a great career. The next thing on your list is to find a place where you can showcase your skills and earn money and this is where comes in. It is an excellent photography hub where you can choose from plenty of high paying jobs and is definitely worth checking out.

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