How to Make Money with Your Camera

Everybody has become a photographer nowadays thanks to the ease of use and availability of smartphones. This has made photography more challenging as there are countless images getting posted online from these phones. Nevertheless, there are still many thriving photographic opportunities out there that you can capitalize on if you have a camera. Find out how to make money with your camera here below.

1.  Weddings

A popular way of making some money with a camera is shooting wedding photos. You must be highly skilled to take on this job as your work will likely last for a lifetime. Nevertheless, photographing a few weddings every year can offer you a good side income to offset equipment purchases and any other costs you spend in terms of education or travel. You can limit yourself to daytime outdoor events if you do not own the necessary lighting gear.

2.  Family Portraits

Everyone loves a well taken portrait, especially for using to personalize someone’s home wall for many years to come. You can easily schedule family portraits and take quick photos since they usually involve minimal effort. It can be an opportunity to even earn referrals from all your previous happy clients. The other option in terms of portraits is taking senior portraits, which has become quite popular nowadays.

3.  Real Estate

Many people overlook real estate as an option for earning money with photography when it actually has valuable opportunities. The reason for this is the fact that many realtors want photos on very fast turnaround times, which may putt off photographers with demanding schedule. Nevertheless, if you manage your time properly, you will discover that real estate photos can be an invaluable way of earning money.

The work here involves taking attractive photos of houses that the realtor can use to market the properties and possibly lead to a sale. Each realtor will have unique photo requirements and you must understand what they are looking to highlight in a particular home in order for your photos to be effective. If you produce great photos, then the realtor can even consider giving you more work around the area.

4.  Sporting Events

Depending on the kind of sports you are photographing, the earning potential is when you sell the images to newspapers covering the event. You could even sell the images the athletes participating themselves as a way of commemorating their presence at that event. High school sports events offer great opportunities to gain newspaper coverage and also sell prints to family members.

While getting photos of the popular athletes at the event is great, use your camera to capture other people linked to the event but are not considered as the main attraction. This includes the members of the band, event organizers and many others. Furthermore, you do not have to limit yourself to the popular sporting event as the less popular ones usually have better opportunities to take more competitive photos.

5.  Stock Photographs

In the present highly visual marketplace, nearly all industries need to have photos ready to use for various reasons. In fact, the demand for stock photographs is quite high that you can make money by submitting something as simple as a landscape. Ensure you are taking photos of areas that have not been extensively covered by many other people to improve your chances of earning money. Check out to get stated with stock photography today.

Tips for Improving your Stock Photographs

In the past, only a few elite photographers were capable of earning a living through stock photography as it required expensive equipment, specialized training and also having the right connections. Luckily, the current widespread use of digital photography as turned this stock niche upside down. Anyone with a DSLR and basic photography knowledge can earn money by submitting their photos online to a site like this Here are a few tips to make the best start into stock photography.

1.  Learn the Basics

Nikon D5300 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Auto Focus-S DX NIKKOR Zoom Lens (Black)

Most people who own DSLR cameras do not know how to effectively use them. While you may get lucky and get great shots in auto mode, it is better to learn how to use the manual mode of your camera. For better photos, learn how you can maximize your DSLR online and the best camera techniques that you can use.

2.  Get Rid Of The Clutter

Every time you are framing your shot, ensure you subject clearly stands out. While something like scratches or dirt on a table may be fine for regular photography, those blemishes will be noticeable in stock photography. So, remove any clutter from your photos and ensure that the viewer is not getting distracted away from the subject.

3.  Have The Mindset of an Advertiser

As stock photos are commonly used in the advertising field, you must produce you photos with that in mind. For example, this could mean leaving some space on one side to add some text. Evaluate the photo and then think about how an advertiser would use it and then optimize it to increase the possibility of making a sale.

4.  Search for Imperfections

Photos always look great as small thumbnails when you are looking through your album. However, the best way to carry out an extensive review is to view each stock photo in full size to get more details. This will allow you edit more thoroughly and limit the chances of your work getting rejected even for the smallest flaw.

5.  Choose a Specific Topic

Many people are tempted to upload countless of various kinds of images to stock photo websites in the hopes of earning more money. However, rather than using a very broad and general approach, you can chose a specific subject and stick to that. For example, focusing on a single area like food, law, military or glamour on can convert single photo clients into repeat buyers.


Now that you know how to make money with your camera, grab your gear and check out It is an exciting platform where you earn money from each photo you submit and also get the opportunity to enhance your skills from learning what clients really want. After understanding what images are currently selling well, you can come up with your own unique style to address that subject matter.

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