How to Sell Stock Photos?

People around the world are constantly looking for different ways to make extra money online. These ways consist of freelancing, filling out surveys, and selling different products online.

People try to make money by simply doing what they do best and that is currently working out for them. Online jobs tend to a lot more accommodating and better for people who already have a full-time job and look for some cash on the side.

There is a brand new way of doing what you love and making money off it. High-quality photos are wanted by many different companies and individuals who will later use them for their own purposes.

Not anyone can do it because photography is a genuine talent and a skill which takes years and years of practice. One of the websites recommended for veterans and beginners alike is certainly Photography Jobs.

Who Is Going to Buy Them?

Nowadays, the need for professional photos is higher than ever. However, the biggest consumers a beginner should look for are website owners and companies looking for content to fill their brochures and magazines.

They usually want photos of different landscape, cities and different people. There are usually no unordinary requests since most people prefer photos describing an ordinary life since it will appeal to a larger audience.

On the other hand, taking special photos and photos which showcase something that no other photographer is able to do is smart.

Having the Perfect Setup and Equipment

There is no other way of taking professional photos other than investing in proper equipment. The thing is, cameras are often very expensive. Even small additional parts such as different lenses and tripods are pricey.

This is the main reason many photography lovers are repelled from becoming full or part-time photographers. Initial investment will include a camera.

Do not buy it before consulting with a professional or before educating yourself online thoroughly. Every cent you spend will be worth it if you invest wisely. After some time, you will upgrade your equipment with different lenses, memory cards, etc.

How to Sell Your Photos Online?

After you have already produced high-quality content, you will want to sell it in order to make extra money. There are numerous websites offering different approaches to make this happen. The usual process goes like this: you post your work on different websites and make a predetermined percentage from each sale.

A certain advantage is your ability to post the same photo on multiple websites since you still hold your right on it. Some websites have banned this but they offer some other features. Additionally, you can even set up your own website and make your own rules. If you get recognized by a large audience, you can make more money without giving up on percentages and commission fees.

Websites like Photography Jobs make it easier for people to get started and support them throughout their success.

Making a Name out of Yourself

Becoming a well-known photographer whose services are required online and in person is not an easy thing to accomplish. Another aspect you need to consider is advertising yourself in many different ways, especially if you plan on starting your own websites.

Social media is the easiest way of doing this. Make your friends share your profile on their social media accounts; such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you have a solid starting budget, you might even consider paying for advertisement.

Keeping your photos, social media profiles and websites professional and well-designed is an important aspect which cannot be forgotten.

Working as Much as You Can

Working on third-party websites is a job which requires supplying a lot of high-quality content in order to get recognized. Be aware of the fact that there are thousands or even millions of people trying to do the exact same thing as you do.

It all comes down to who wants it more. Being able to take good photos everyday in large quantities can only speed up the rate of your income. Being lazy in the beginning will get you nowhere.

Only the most patient and eager individuals are able to stand out in the crown and get recognized by people looking for long-term candidates. People often don´t know what they want until you show it to them.


There is always work available for persistent individuals who are ready to adapt to different working conditions. Some third-party websites do everything for you, from advertising to finding a client but they take away a certain percentage.

Your journey from selling photos for a couple of dollars to doing large-scale projects might only take a small period of time, so don´t hesitate and start today.

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