Making Money from Stock Photography

Because of the increasing prices of commodities without the change in employee wages, being practical and creative to get additional earnings is very important. This is a great way to still live a decent life and be able to fund our daily needs and needs of our family.

One of the ways to earn, if you do not have any funds to start a new business, is to use your talent in photography to sell your photos through stock photography sites. There are various sites that promote great photos from various professional and amateur photographers.

Shutterstock in one of the many microstock websites that you can consider. It is known to be one of the leading stock photography sites because of its reliable reputation. The said website boasts of having one of the finest search mechanisms displaying more than 14.4 million photos from about 280,000 professional and amateur photographers. On a daily basis, millions of photography experts make money by promoting and selling their photos on microstock sites.

If you are new to stock photography or if you are interested in making a business out of your photography talent by selling your photos online, continue reading below to get some understanding of how this opportunity can work to your advantage.

Stock Photography – Understanding What it is

Stock photography is a term which is used to refer to a stock of various photos from several contributors that can be organized and licensed for a specific use. It contains photos of different subjects and categories that are advertised online. Several people who need photos for their sites, brochures, magazines, teasers, print advertisements, graphic design, and a lot more visit the supply of photos on a daily basis. They can then purchase the photo they need based on their requirement for a specific rate.

Stock photography is a win-win business strategy both for the photographer and the person who is looking for a specific type of photo. Through stock photography, you can simply browse through a site to look for the photos that you need based on subject, theme, or category. This is very convenient and cost-efficient as it will not require the person needing a certain type of photo to go out and hire a photographer.

Photos posted on stock photography websites get a higher potential to be downloaded or purchased because of the wide following the sites have. Photographers who contribute photos to microstock sites earn by getting a royalty fee or a certain percentage of the price of the photo.

How to earn from stock photography websites online?

Now that you understand what stock photography is, let us discuss how you can earn from promoting and selling your photos on microstock sites. Just get ready with your wonderful photos and be prepared to earn some extra money.

Below are some of the means to earn from stock photography:

  1. You can create your own site to promote and sell your photos online. As a strategy, you can allow people to download some photos at no cost, but require a fee for some of them. You can also open your site to advertisers, especially if you already have a big following.
  1. Alternatively, you can also put a gallery of your photos and sell them to clients you know.
  1. Make your photos available for use on various types of merchandises, including cups, t-shirts, calendars, souvenir items, and the likes.
  1. If putting your own website is not what you want to take, then you can promote and sell your photos by partnering with various microstock websites. Most of them require that contributors go through an application process before they can post their photos online. Selling your photos here will earn you only a portion of the total photo price.

What Photos Will Make You Earn More?

Now that you know how stock photography works and how you can earn money from it, it is important to know what type of photos will give you more money.

  1. Not all photos will be allowed to be posted on microstock sites.
  1. Simpler and basic photos such as a photo of a dog or a cat get noticed and purchased more on microstock sites.
  1. Simpler photos are more in demand since they can be edited more easily should they be used for other advertising materials or merchandise.

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