Selling Your Photos – What You Need to Know

There are various ways to earn extra money aside from your regular day job. You may find this necessary at one point in your life because of the increase in the prices of basic products and services in the market. Finding the right business strategy or an extra source of income will all depend on your resources, skills and interests. If you have some additional funds, then putting up a business of your interest could be an option. Otherwise, you need to be creative to earn extra without having to invest some extra cash.

One of the ways to get some extra income without having to invest a big amount of money is through your photography skills. While this would require you to invest in a really good camera, the assumption here is that you already have one and you have been taking great photos for a time now.

Selling your photos is a good option to get an additional source of income. The possibilities are big, but it is also challenging as the market is already saturated with thousands of photographers who also intend to make a business out of their photography talent. This makes earning money from stock photography a little bit challenging, especially for beginners.

Despite the challenge mentioned above, you should not give up easily and must still try your luck in selling your photos online. Be mindful though of the guidelines below as you try to start selling your photos online.

Post Photos Online

To get things going, post some of your greatest photos online. Either create your own site or post them on microstock sites such as Fine Art America and Smugmug. Fine Art America is free, while Smugmug charges a reasonable fee.

There are other microstock sites out there such as iStock Photo, Shutterstock, Photoshelter, Alamy, and many others. Try a few of them and see where your first move will take you.

Print Out In Large Scale

Get a few of your best photos and have them printed out in large scale. Frame them and bring those to the coffee shops or restaurants nearest you and see if they can display your work for a few weeks without any fee or commission.

Some coffee shops have open walls that will allow this opportunity for a free advertisement. If they do require a fee, make sure to set the rate yourself. Alternatively, you can offer one of your artworks to stay as a token of appreciation.

If they agree, find a good spot to hang your work. Leave your calling cards near the artwork so people would know who to contact if they are interested to buy or get some of your photos. Do not leave a client wondering where or how to contact you.

Post or Sell Right Photos

Keep in mind that people are more interested to buy photos of subjects they can relate to more. Hence, it will be good to advertise photos taken in your country or city.

They can be used as gifts or souvenirs to a visiting friend from another country. Also, a lot of people are interested to buy simple photos or those that can be easily edited should they want to buy it for other purposes.

Join Photography Exhibits

Join some photo exhibits for a cause or simply send one of your images as a contribution at no cost. Yes, this contradicts your purpose, which is to earn from your photography skills, but doing this for free will allow you to expand your network and get potential buyers.

Not only that, the opportunity it will give you to help and be one with the society is going to be very fulfilling.

Conduct Your Own Photo Exhibit

If you have a good space in your house, invite some of your friends who share the same interest and ask them to join your event. Ask them to invite their contacts so all of you can expand your network.

Share the cost of running the show and buying some drinks and snacks for the guests. This will surely be fun and exciting as you also try to make a business out of it. Be sure to be ready with your business cards so you can give it to someone who would show interest in your work.

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