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We live in an era where mobile phones come with camera which enables us to snap our very precious moments. You don’t have to be a professional to take a photograph, it’s something which anyone can do at any given time, but what if you found out that you can make a living for yourself simply by taking pictures.

Make no mistake, you can have thousands of photos and still not make a dime of them. On the other hand, you can simply register at Photography Jobs and make money for each one of them. In this article you will find out what separates a photograph which is worth next to nothing and a picture which can earn you quality money.

What Kind of Photos Are the Most Common?

The most common ones are portraits. Whether it’s depicting a certain type of lifestyle, emotion or a concept, it’s easier for your potential buyers to associate with a human being rather than another subject.

The theme of the picture doesn’t necessarily have to be a complex setting. Mainly you will interact with images showing someone talking on a phone while walking, a celebrity wearing a certain brand of clothing or a subject walking away from the camera.

Next most wanted themes are landscapes and travel photos. If you find yourself wandering in this particular subject, you will notice that the ones which have a higher bidding price are the ones using people for scale to help the viewer daydreaming about being involved in the setting.

The main tip involving this type of photography is avoiding clichés such as mountain views and sunsets. As far as the travel photos are concerned, you needn’t worry about classical clichés because they are the ones attracting the target audience.

How to Take a Good Photo?

The first thing that comes to your mind is obviously patience, but it isn’t that necessarily. The best way to improve your skills as an amateur photographer is by practicing every day. The patience part is not with the setting, but rather with a person being patient in improving their set of skills. Train your eyes every day so you can gain a general sense for the lighting and certain situations and conditions.

Sometimes the distance is the thing that’s keeping you away from making a masterpiece. Try to get closer to your subject if you feel that your photo isn’t quite catchy. Identify your main focus and try to put it in the center of attention as much as possible with this technique.

The main purpose of the flash is to create artificial lighting in situations where the natural one isn’t available, but you will be surprised how much it helps you during the daylight. The Sun creates shadows during a bright day and the flash will help you eliminate them and expose your subject to full attention.

The digital cameras have the options to preview the photo after you take it and that’s something you want to avoid. Keep in mind that your perfect photo might run away while you are looking at your previously taken photograph. Experimentation and different settings are recommended, but try to keep it simple. Too much elements in a single picture will draw the attention from your subject.

Get Noticed and Start Selling Your Photos

Social media marketing is the new era of advertising. Through each passing day, more and more people connect via social media in order to obtain information faster and easier.

Advertising through social media allows an easier connection to the general population while obtaining maximum attention. This is the best way to promote your work, while not paying anything. Tag your photos with relatively easy keywords to make them more accessible to a wider circle of audience.

Keep the content fresh and diverse while being selective with the quality of your photos. Editing software allows you to correct the mistakes made by nature, but try to limit its usage.

If this still doesn’t help you try taking cheap photography courses to improve your skills. Internet is your playground, use it as much as you can while you read the experiences from other photographers and experts. Sites life Photography Jobs offer support for all kinds of photography so feel free to check it out


All in all, with this profession you can earn money easily if you obtain these particular skills. Internet allows you lots of opportunities and if this is your field of expertise, it’s a chance you mustn’t miss out. Times and times again, raw talents such as your own get unrecognized and unpolished because they miss out on opportunities such as these.


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