Best-Selling Photos – What You Need to Learn from Them

Selling your photos online through some microstock sites is a good alternative to earn additional income for a living. But with the many photographers, both professional and amateur, in the stock photography market today, penetrating this business can be challenging.

Hence, before deciding to sell your photos online, be familiar with the best-selling photos in the market. Knowing this information will help a photographer understand what the consumers are looking for and where they can focus their energy on.

This will also make a photographer realize where he/she needs to improve his/her craft based on the in-demand photography subjects presented below.

Below are some of the best-selling photos based on category and subject. Use the article below as a guide in taking your photos and choosing what to promote and sell online.

Best Selling Photos

  1. Portrait Photos
  2. Tabletop Photos
  3. Landscape Photos
  4. Travel Photos
  5. Fine Art Photos

Portrait photos

Keep in mind that photos of people sell a lot. Most photographers who made it big in the stock photography world have photos of people in their portfolio or gallery.

These photos are in demand as they are relatable. They create an invisible connection to our emotions, lifestyle, thinking, and the likes. A photo of a young man helping an old lady or an image of a boy playing with his dad are some of the photos that can make it big in this business. They depict our everyday lives and capture what and who we are.

Keep in mind though that people photos do not necessarily need to show the faces of the persons in the photo. The mystery can even add to the consumers’ interest, thus increasing your views and followers.

Tabletop photos

This is the core of stock photography for many photographers. Tabletop photography is considered one of the easiest concepts, especially for beginners. When it comes to table top photography, food is an in-demand photo in the market.

Taking a photo of food, but making some great concepts out of it can attract more followers for sure. For example, instead of just taking a photo of a green apple, take it outside and capture how it can make you feel okay on a rainy afternoon. Computers and other types of gadgets are also very good subjects to use for this concept.

But like the example earlier, try to “accessorize” and create a story out of your photo. So instead of just capturing your cellphone, photograph it in such a way that it will show how it connects people together or makes everyone in the office too busy to connect. This presentation will ignite the interest of your viewers, thus increasing the possibility of your photos getting noticed and purchased. It will also increase your followers.

Landscape photos

This is another photography subject that requires a story or concept as this subject can be very wide and vague at times. Landscape photos such as a grass field, an ocean, and the likes are some of the examples of landscape photos.

Proper lighting and angle is important in this photography subject. People may also be needed in the photos to make them more relevant and make the viewer feel that he or she is in it.

Travel photos

This is one of the most popular photography concepts as almost everyone wants to take photos when they are out and traveling. But to make your travel photos sell, there must be more to them than the location.

You should be able to bring the viewer of the photo to the location through your photos. The “Organized Chaos at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, “Having fun by the beach in Rio de Janeiro”, and the likes are travel photos that can capture the interest of your viewers. Make sure to help them feel how it is like to be there just by looking at your photos.

Keep in mind though that you do not have to travel too far to make good travel photos. Photos showing some local sceneries can also give the same purpose. The ability to bring your viewers there will surely make you go long way in stock photography.

Fine art photos

This one requires some expertise and will highly depend on the subject. This also requires a concept and some creative minds to capture a great fine art photo.

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