How to Make Money with Photography?

There is literally no area of human interest where people haven´t started finding ways to make many off from. It´s not a bad thing to turn your hobby into something profitable because you do something you love and get paid for it.

Some people are skilled writers and they utilize their skills to help people with different assignments. Other people are good web developers and they offer their services for people and companies looking to make their website as good as possible.

However, photography is one of the most beautiful hobbies in the world. Being able to capture something and showcase it to the world in a way that no one has ever done before has to be a beautiful feeling.

You will certainly enjoy it, but you can also make it profitable in many different ways. One of those ways is training at Petapixel to start your journey on making money online.

Becoming a Professional Photographer

Photography services are a field which will probably exist as long as there are people on Earth. People need photos for passports, ID cards, websites, magazines, blogs, etc.

Additionally, photographers are always needed for events such as weddings, funerals, and other events worth remembering forever. If you consider yourself a professional, there is always a chance of making yourself available for hire for events like this.

However, people will only pay for certified services and for people recommended to them by others. Beginners will have a rough time making a name out of themselves.

Working for Different Magazines and Newspapers

A magazine or a newspaper requires a team of professional writers which work full-time in order to capture interesting moments and news from your local area. This job can be pretty interesting since you get to travel a lot and meet many different people.

Magazines usually focus on a specific subject which means if you favor a subject such as fashion or sports, specializing in that field will make your life much more interesting and you will have the chance to learn new things directly from a source.

Owners usually require photographers with some immense working experience so don´t expect to buy a camera and get a good job like this.

Galleries and Exhibitions

There are a lot of modern galleries and exhibitions which displays photos on a specific topic mentioned in the title and descriptions. For example, if an exhibition is held on the topic of bullying, you can try and produce some high-quality content with your friends or colleagues.

You must be able to offer something unusual, something no other photograph is able to produce. Galleries and exhibitions like this are usually visited by a large amount of people who are generally interested in the topic at hand. If someone sees your work and appreciates it, they are usually able to buy it from you for a certain price.

Posting Your Photos to Third-Party Websites

There are many different websites whose aim is to gather different photographers who post their work online. One of the most user-friendly websites among many others is Photography Jobs. After that, clients are able to search for desired photos by entering different tags and keywords.

If someone happens to buy your photos, the website will do everything for you but they will take a certain fee for themselves. Anyone can view your photos but thumbnails are usually low-quality and there is usually a watermark across the picture, preventing people from using it for free without paying. Different websites offer different features and fees.

It is important to include specific tags and keywords to make your photo come out in searches more often. After you make a name out of yourself and after your work has been reviewed, your sales will increase exponentially.

Making Your Own Website

Some people think they would get famous and rich faster if they operated on their own website where people can buy their work. This method can be used to avoid the percentage every other website takes and to avoid commission fees.

However, this means you have to do everything yourself, starting from the website development to advertisement and payment methods. Either way, success comes with hard word and effort.


Making money from photography can either be a full or part-time job. If you choose to do it for a living, be aware of the fact that the competition is rough. Many people do it their entire lives and there might be some bumps in the road. If you will do it as a part-time job or a hobby, dedicate yourself sufficiently and try to enjoy it.

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