Top 7 Tips for Creating Photos That Sell

Photography needs talent but if you are good at it, selling it online can be easy yet tricky. Entering this industry has limited barriers if compared to other innovative and popular earning methods today.

Although any individual can take a photo and upload it on any popular creative market, making sales can be really difficult. There is a big difference between merely taking photographs and taking great photographs.

To top that, even if you are great at clicking snaps, you might not be able to make sales. Some careful and well-implemented strategies discussed below can help in making this possible.

#1 Always remember its Digital marketplace

Selling photography is done over the digital marketplace and not through an art gallery. It is important that you get this concept clear before starting to sell these photos online.

While selling photography at an art gallery would be all about aesthetics, selling it through an online marketplace is totally a different affair.

Customers buying photography here includes the designers, writers, bloggers and people looking to enhance the way their content is published online.

Your creative clicks could be someone’s header of the email newsletter, a banner on the website, a featured image on top of any blog post.

#2 Select the Customer

With the 1st tip in mind, you need to determine the approach for selling your photos. Instead of merely uploading several random clicks that you love, select your customer and provide a product they are searching for.

Every customer has his/her own needs when he/she searches for an image online. For example, app developers, tech bloggers and gadget reviewers would be potentially big audiences for technology related photography.

Hence, with a clear customer in mind, you can proceed and take snaps of associated objects. This can be done by selecting the potential category for which you might be good for.

If you are good at clicking pictures related to nature, going out and clicking snaps of nature that are not only great but can be specific for a particular requirement, activity or destination would be a good idea.

#3 Evaluate the Competition

Now you must be all geared up to start clicking of images suited to the technology or your targeted niche.

However, read further to ensure you implement the strategy in the right manner. Any of the creative markets you might know about already features 100s of such photographs making it tough to enter any category. It’s wise to make a quick search for already featured images on the topic you have rounded upon.

In case you find the site being overloaded with images from that niche, you should try to search something that is low in terms of competition.

#4 Leave a scope to illustrate or copy

People usually buy photography to design something or use it to illustrate further. This increases the need to leave some space to copy to convey their message in a customized manner to their readers. Hence, these images need to support the message and not come in its way. Borrowing ideas or using these images for adding value to the post of the concerned idea is more likely to make your photo sell than a photograph which simply is meant to be used as an object.

#5 Stay focused on your theme

If it is tech photography, be sure that your idea goes beyond the basic click of the laptops or the phones. People often prefer using attractive ways for showcasing their creative work.

It could be anything from websites to the logos they design. The best approach to be different from others yet meet the purpose it’s good to shoot for a specific feel or mood.

Instead of trying to cover a wide number of ideas related to the subject, round upon a particular theme for enhancing the possibility of its conversion.

#6 Master a niche

Specialization or mastering your niche is very important to get noticed. It is better to find something that no one does or there is none who does it perfectly. Searching thoroughly or investing some amount of time in clicking snaps with loads of such content.

For example, if you browse through creative marketplaces such as Photography Jobs Online, there are several categories that have been segregated for better accessibility of the users.

Running a quick search about a particular product will feature results of photographs by several photographers. By evaluating these categories and evaluating the featured photographs on the website, one will get a clearer picture of the quality of photos and the areas where they might be lacking.

#7 Give more focus on the Metadata

Lastly, after following all the advice above, it will offer an insight into the best approaches for creating photos that sell.

Although, you might now be able to click photographs that look gorgeous, are innovative and can feature as one of the pictures with high demand, it’s important to do the due diligence correctly while uploading these files.

It is important to fill out the metadata in a proper manner to make sure it can rank on the search engines. This can be done by adding proper titles, tags and their descriptions to get indexed for different search results they are targeted for.

Skipping to do this might prove to be fatal as it might happen that despite your photography is the best of the lot, no one would be able to find it when searching for the targeted keywords.

Concluding Remarks

Photography is definitely a creative job but you need to be popular to stand out among the millions of photographers spread across the world.

Building portfolio, sharing your work online and selling them over popular stock photo websites are some of the things that can help in making you popular on the internet. The tips above can work wonders for you to succeed as a photographer and more importantly help you sell your work online.

Hence, if you find this useful or believe there are some more people who might find this beneficial, it would be great to share it with them and spread the message across.

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