How to Sell Travel Photos

Traveling offers a great sense excitement and wonder as you get to tune out from your regular life for a couple of days and have fun experiencing something new. Nevertheless, all that fun comes with hefty costs like flights, hotels, dinners and tours among others. Fortunately, there is an easy way of getting all that travelling cash and that is by taking a couple of photos. Discover how to sell travel photos here below.

Despite the fact that it sounds so easy, selling travel photos is just like doing any other business. It demands the same degree of administration, professionalism and marketing in order to be successful. Even though it may look very glamorous when looking at it externally, you will need to put in lots of work, especially editing, for it to be sustainable. Here are some easy tips to sell your travel photos online at

1.  Research Your Travel Destination

You must know all you can about the specific travel destination you intend to photograph. This includes all the potential hotspots and travel trends. Having this information in mind helps you to know what prospective clients will likely want from the travel photos in a certain area.

2.  Get Good Equipment

Having good equipment for taking your photos will increase the chances of your photos getting accepted by clients. This is because good equipment means sharper images from every corner, bright colors, noise-free and also technical photos, which is not possible when using phones and basic cameras. Some of the main equipment to have includes a DSLR, flash, tripod and lenses.

3.  Learn How to Use Your Equipment Effectively

There are lots of books and photography magazines that you can read to enhance your skills. This will give you information on the how to use your photography equipment, best techniques and also post processing tips. Since travel photography is unique, you can also learn about what kinds of subjects you should be focusing on during your trip.

4.  Cover a Wider Area

Unless a client wants a specific travel photo, you must try and ensure you cover a broader area on any specific destination. Obviously, while it is not possible to capture every single detail during your trip, you can do thorough research and create a comprehensive shot list of key topics. This will enable you cover the wider variety of subjects and therefore have a low likelihood of missing out on anything.

5.  Make Each Travel Photo Your Very Best

Even though it is essential that you take numerous photos during you trip, you must keep the image standard high at all times. It does not matter you take more than 10,000 travel photos, since if they are not of high quality then no client will buy them. So, always seek to ensure each photo you take is of the highest quality. To achieve top-notch photos, ensure the subject you are photographing is in well composed and in great lighting.

6.  Capitalize on Each Location

Selling stock images is all about numbers, which means that taking more photos increases your probability of succeeding in selling some. Thus, it is critical to try capturing plenty of photos from various angles and at each location. A huge part of maximizing every location is planning ahead and looking for various perspectives and angles that add variety to your photos and tell different stories.

7.  Take Photos That Require Minimum Effort

Some of the best-selling travel photos are actually taken using minimal cost and effort. The secret is to always be present and aware of potential photo opportunities around your area. You will discover that you will be able to capture stylistic photos without the need of using lots of effort or even spending money in order to get the perfect shot.

8.  Consider Usage

How do you think the travel photos you are taking will be used? Are you looking to create a photo that can be used as a two page spread on a magazine or are is the subject clearly visible in the center of the photo? You must consider all the various usage elements during you trip and capture the images in different orientations and crop sizes.

9.  Tell a Story

A very powerful element of photos is that they have the ability to tell a story even without having to describe what happened in a certain scene. So, for each photo you take, try and visualize what story the photo would tell and how the viewer will interact with it. The result is your photos will become more meaningful and much more interesting to look at rather than just bland photos.

10.  Always Shoot First and the Recreate later

Some people assume that they can easily recreate the photo later and thus end up missing out on great photos. If the current lighting and composition works, then ensure you must shoot first. In some cases, there are times when you find that shooting a second time gives better results, but you should not depend on that. However, if you miss the first chance, then the composition can change drastically and you might not get any other opportunity.

11.  Edit your Photos Professionally

Whenever you are editing your travel photos, always be a huge critic and ensure the photo quality meets very high standards. Each photo must be able to withstand criticism about the style and quality, rather than the effort or time that went into taking it.


If you have traveled or taken a vacation, then you are likely sitting on some money right in your computer, especially if you took photos during your trip. Join today to upload your favorite travel photos and earn cash. You can then use the earnings to take another holiday and continue earning more by taking even more travel photos.

Even though this is a highly competitive industry, if you do you research, plan effectively and take great photos you can earn large amounts of money. Most importantly, learn how to maximize your equipment and keep on practicing until you are comfortable with your work. After some time, you will slowly get a feel of the kind of compositions and images that are selling well.

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