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Stock market photography offers you many opportunities to earn money while doing one of the things which makes you happy: taking photos. It’s an interesting and appealing type of profession for anyone with an eye for the camera. But in order for you to succeed in this profession you have to understand that there are many sets of rules and advice you should follow.

What this article will inform you about is the basic rules and tips which advanced photographers use to make a living for themselves.

What Does the Market Require Right Now?

Something which will never go out of fashion is portraits. The thing is the potential buyers will more often stop while scrolling on a human being talking on a phone in the middle of the street, rather than on a picture of another subject. Avoid the complex settings while taking this kind of photos, because you want all of your focus on your subject. However, there is room for all kinds of photographs at Photography Jobs.

If portraits are not your thing than don’t worry, because another theme which the market will never get fond of are landscapes and travel photos. What you will mainly notice with this type of photos is that photographers use people for scale. What this does is helps the viewer imagine themselves in that situation and helps with the purchase of the image.

Clichés like mountain views and sunsets are something which you should avoid as far as the landscape photography is concerned, but the standard clichés of the travel photography are recommended for easier attraction of the target crowd.

What Separates a Good Photo from a Bad One?

Patience is the bread and butter of photography, but it doesn’t have to be the case for this one. It is recommended for an amateur photographer to improve his skills while shooting photos every day. What you should consider as patience in this part, not the wait for the perfect picture, but the patience in improvement of your own skills. What this does to you, is improving your overall sense for lighting and other factors which are affecting your photo.

A famous photographer once said: “If your picture isn’t good, try and get closer.” This is the same case for you. Just a few meters closer may make otherwise a casual photo into something which is worth possibly hundreds of dollars. This technique eliminates unwanted parts of your photo and puts the subject more into focus.

The flash is usually associated with taking pictures during nighttime, but it has its purpose during daylight. It helps to eliminate shadows created by the Sun during a really hot and sunny day. But limit its use because sometimes it can do more harm than good.

Avoid previewing your photos after taking them. If you do this so much of your perfect photos will run in front of you. Photography is a job which takes a lot of patience and you sure don’t want to waste it.

As mentioned above try to minimize the number of elements in a picture for a better focus on the subject, but don’t hesitate to experiment with different settings and angles.

How am I Going to Get Noticed?

The answer to that question is social media. Fastest and easiest way of advertising helps you more than you think. Every day, more and more people connect through social media which offers you opportunity to gain the attention of a wider audience and potential buyers. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Most of the websites utilize an advanced search engine, so it is important to tag your photos with proper keywords.

Don’t be lazy and try to keep your content fresh, but keep in mind not to post everything that resembles a photo. Being selective when it comes about your photos will help you to have a better portfolio. Posting only the best content will ensure success at many beginner-friendly websites such as Photography Jobs.


In conclusion, these are the basic sets of skills which you need to master in order to successfully be a member of stock photography community and earn daily for yourself. If you are having a hard time with any one of them, the Internet offers you almost infinite amount of forums, interview and discussion which may help you in going forward.

All in all, this is an opportunity a few people have and it’s something you shouldn’t pass on.


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