Where to Sell Photos?

Online market place is filled with competition and innovative ideas. One of them is stock photography selling. Every day, a lot of people generate huge amount of revenue and you want to find out how they do it.

In this article, you will discover the pros and the cons of the sites which enable other people to make a living for themselves. It’s important to be directed the proper way so that you can get the maximum from your content.

The websites cited below are all well known to the general public and they will help you in your future as a professional photographer. However, as a beginner you should really avoid these sites and simply register at Photography Jobs who provide better fees and customer support.


Among the elites of the stock photography sites, Alamy hold its place. The site has an approximate of 60 million videos and photos, while offering a huge market for both professional and amateur photographers.

As of 2016 they have paid their users for over $165 million while taking a 50% fee of the sale. Based upon reviews, they are fairly easy to work with and they have a customer service support available at any time during the day. They promote your work thorough their homepage, social media and their business cards.

One of their main pros is that they are a non-exclusive site which means that you are enabled to sell your photos on any other website you wish. The huge market may backfire at you, since there is a lot of competition so make sure that you post quality photos which are required by the market.


One of the original stock photography websites Shutterstock is a man among children with a total of almost 80 million items. There are over 50 thousand fresh photos posted daily and it’s a subscription site which means it’s exclusive. It is user-friendly and their search engine has almost been developed to perfection.

Online courses are available for contributors so that they can learn what keywords to attach to their photos. In order to sign up for the site you have to pass the quality check where at least 7 of your 10 submitted photos have to be approved. If you fail at first, their Critique Forum allows you to communicate with other contributors which may direct you in the right way.

While being one of the giants, you only earn up to 30% of the sale from your picture. The percentage of your income depends on the size of the photo itself.

iStock Photo

Owned by the largest stock photography agency currently in the world, Getty images, iStock offers its users over 8 million exclusive photos, vectors, audio and video. The company has been around since the year 2000 and the founding of Microstock.

That makes them very respectable and they offer their contributors nothing but pure professionalism and customer care. It uses an advanced keyword search engine which will enable your photos to hit the target audience faster.

Based upon reviews this is not a website for you to begin with, rather they require experienced photographers because they mostly hold the floor and get the most “homepage” time. Also, one of their cons is that you will only earn 15% of your photos, but if you sign a contract with them your share will range from 22% up to 45%.


This website is recommended for the experienced photographers who want to make a name out of themselves in the stock photography market. You are able to manage the clients on your own while being able to post your photos on social media and other pages.

The customization of your own page makes it more appealing to the clients and you don’t have to battle for the homepage unlike the other websites. It provides a living for almost 80 thousand photographers and it’s in the top of the stock photography market. One downside of the website is that while signing up you have to give over your credit card details.

Also if you try your luck with this website and don’t find it satisfying be sure to cancel your subscription after the free trial because you will be billed immediately.


All of the sites listed above are the current day leaders in the stock photography market and it’s the most up to your preferences which one you’ll choose. Don’t forget about Photography Jobs who offer better conditions for everyone.

It is important be well informed about this growing industry because it changes rapidly. No matter which website you choose, you will get pure professionalism out of every single one of them.

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